Wise&Miller is your company’s premier partner to identify, qualify and deliver remarkable senior managers to build your MENA team and business. With an experienced team of specialized partners, we work across three industry sectors and across all functional disciplines.


A very influential industry in rapid growth facing challenges adhering to the evolving market conditions. In keeping up with the ever changing demands of the latests technology and innovations in a global market, stakeholder management becomes complex and challenging. In no other industry is adaptability and market insight as important to stay succesful and the only way to obtain that knowledge and mindset is through experienced global leaders.


Human capital is the greatest asset for professional services. Professional Service organisations do not sell tangible products; they sell the skillset and experience of their human capital. Hence success and competitive advantage depends on talent. In an industry characterised by continuous change, fierce competition, globalisation and advanced technology, sourcing and retaining of talent is of ongoing significance.


The consumer and retail industry has seen a massive shift in terms of consumer behavior and expectations, sales channels, global competition and digitalisation. This has left the organisations with challenges of redefine strategies, building brands and develop new ways of interacting with consumers. Reshaping your organisation to fit the changes in the market is critical and hence attracting senior human capital with innovative mindsets and ability to operate across multiple channels and markets is key.